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American dream/ Making s’mores

The purpose of the activity was both to develop students’ communication skills and expand their knowledge on the idea of American dream through discussion with the guest, PAO Mark Weinberg and to enjoy roasting s’mores with him.
First Mr Weinberg showed the students how to make s’mores. Students helped him roast the marshmallows and everyone enjoyed the taste and had fun. Having finished with the s’mores students discussed the topic of American dream with Mark. He told them about his perception of that idea and compared the situation in America nowadays with the situation in the past.
He asked students to talk about their dreams and they mostly mentioned the ideas of happiness, freedom, being independent, achieving their goals in life.
Mr Tyler Murphy join the conversation sharing his idea of American dream. After the discussion about their dreams one student from Access Podgorica read a poem about both his friends and teachers and about Access program which brought them all together. He wrote the poem himself. Another student from Access Podgorica sang a song about Access program that group made during camp. Two groups presented their cheerleading performances.
Then students from both groups (Niksic and Podgorica) gave Mr Weinberg Mark crafts and cards they had previously made, as a symbol of their affection and gratitude. They told him how much they appreciated the time he spent with them while being in Montenegro, visiting their classes and helping them understand American culture, society and values better.
At the end of the activity students did a teambuilding activity that two students from Access Niksic had prepared. All of them had great fun.

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