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American dream/ Official opening of the Access summer camp 2017

The purpose of the activity was to develop students’ communication skills and both expand their knowledge on the idea of American dream. It was also an official opening of Access summer camp 2017. The guest was Mr B. Bix Aliu, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Podgorica.

Mr Aliu first talked about the idea of the American dream and about his own perception and experience related to it. Since his father was also an immigrant he was able to tell the students what was their life in America like and if they had the opportunities to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

After that, Mr Aliu spent equal time in each group of Access students answering their questions and talking about the elements of the American dream. He talked about the difference between nationalism and patriotism, emphasizing that Americans are first of all patriots. He also talked about diversity vs. unity, self- reliance, hard work, and other aspects of the concept of the American dream.

After discussing with each group Mr Aliu talked to the whole class again, asking them about their own opinions and about their own dreams.

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