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World Health Day 2019: Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere – Discussion with an internist

Within the discussion about April 7 World Health Day Access students had a chance to meet an internist Mr. Andrija Vujovic who works in the hospital in Niksic. They were very enthusiastic to talk to the doctor and ask all the questions they never had a chance to ask before. Their focus was on different aspects of health: physical, mental, emotional and social.

One of the first things they learned during this conversation is that they should take care of all aspects of their health. He encouraged them to think positively and to learn how to be health educated. Mr. Vujovic told them that even if people have some genetically inherited diseases, they can live a balanced and happy life.

Access students were very interested in hearing more about incurable diseases, such as cancer and about teenage health in general. They asked questions, such as:

Do you think the cure for cancer has been found, but is kept secret?

Is it important and beneficial to preserve embryonic stem cells?

Were people healthier in the past?

What has the biggest influence on teenagers’ health?

Mr. Vujovic told our students that their health is influenced by the quality of food they eat, by stressful situations and their social life. Our guest emphasized the importance of doctor-patient confidence and he told the students that they should always ask for help from adults.